Process optimisation

For a well-oiled machine of strong finance professionals, aligned processes and innovating tools, you can count on concrete, tangible and efficient process analyses by our functional consultants.

Our consultants have a financial background and IT technical knowledge. That way, the sum of finance, business and IT will always be correct. We take a unique position when it comes to financial systems.

We take the challenge to turn your finance department into a well-oiled machine. How we do that?

Numlix consultants

Our way-of-working

Step 1: Intake

We start with an elaborate conversation; an analysis. There we discuss the short-term & long-term needs of the company and compare it to the company’s strategy as is.

Step 2: Objective

We map possible concerns and define concrete objectives.

Step 3: Analysis

We analyse the working methods and systems of the finance department.

Step 4: Strategy

We compare the financial processes and the objectives. That way we determine the informational needs of all the stakeholders and make the right strategic choices.

Step 5: Evaluation

Depending on the result of the completed track, you have the possibility to continue with:

  • the implementation of the right financial systems
  • temporary support by consultants or freelancers
  • permanent recruitment of new financial talent, in line with the new expectations within the team
  • training & coaching of the finance department

More info?

Ine heeft een ruime ervaring in rekrutering en staffing van financiële en commerciële professionals en wordt door vele CFO's en CEO's erkend om haar transparante werking en open communicatie.

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