Training & coaching

For a finance team that wants to progress on the level of people, technical or IT skills, you can count on our open training sessions for finance professionals and tailor-made coaching tracks for your company.

Those who do not innovate, will stagnate. Therefore we organise training sessions & coaching tracks for finance professionals. That way, each finance professional can optimally develop his or her skills, both on a technical and a soft skill level.

Apart from that, we also offer tailor-made coaching tracks:

  • Training sessions to guide the non-financial colleagues withih your company or department through the world of finance.
  • The possibility to get a VAT-training focused on a specific sector.
  • Your controlling team will undoubtedly be strong when it comes to analysis and reporting. But to which extend are you able to communicate your message to the business?
  • A trustworthy colleague grows into a new role with new responsibilities?

More information?

Ine heeft een ruime ervaring in rekrutering en staffing van financiële en commerciële professionals en wordt door vele CFO's en CEO's erkend om haar transparante werking en open communicatie.

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