Looking for a job as finance consultant?

Do you want to work as a finance consultant, on our payroll or as a freelancer? Do you consciously choose for variation in finance projects & complex reorganisations or implementation tracks?

Then you can count on the expertise of our colleagues Kristof, Joke & Yves. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, they always know how to match the right project with your needs.

You, as a finance consultant, are a flexible & efficiently employable force on a financial department. You are operationally strong, specialised and most of all: a go-getter. You consciously choose to execute temporary assignments in finance. That way, you function at your best & you offer the most added value for the team.

It is our job to keep our network up-to-date and to expand it, so that you get the most challenging projects offered. We take care of the company contacts and put the both of you in contact when we notice that you are the ideal consultant for the project.

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New finance project? Yes please!

Will your project be ending soon? Then we proactively look for a follow-up project. Or do you want to set your first steps in the consultancy field, but are you looking for some advice? Let us know!

Ine heeft een ruime ervaring in rekrutering en staffing van financiële en commerciële professionals en wordt door vele CFO's en CEO's erkend om haar transparante werking en open communicatie.

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