Looking for a permanent job in finance?

Are you looking for a new or first challenge as an accountant, controller, auditor, analyst, teamleader finance or a function on C-level?

Then you can count on the strong network and expertise of our colleague Ellen. She takes care of your application process from start to finish and helps you find the finance job of your dreams.

You deserve a finance career in its best shape possible and we love to help you attain that goal. Based on your competencies and needs, we look for the ideal next step in your career. You let us know what you prefer, we take care of the application process from A to Z.

As a finance professional, you are prized. At this moment, there are 20.000 vacant jobs in accounting & controlling. Our task? We guide you towards the function that really fits your needs and in which you can deploy your talent to the fullest as a financial.


Looking for a new challenge?

Are you or do you know a financial who is looking for a new opportunity? Get in touch with our colleague Ellen for a conversation. Who knows, together we might find the opportunity that fits you most.

Looking for a new challenge?

Or would you like to sit on the other side & want to become our new recruiter, next to Ellen? Watch the video below or click here for the entire job description.

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