Process optimisation

As a finance consultant with technical knowledge, efficiency and ROI have the highest priority on your agenda, especially when it comes to process & system optimisations within the finance department.

Therefore, Ufinity provides you with challenging projects in which you – as a functional consultant – can fully deploy your financial background and IT technical knowledge. That way, the sum of finance, business and IT will always be correct.

Ufinity is uniquely positioned when it comes to financial systems. As a functional consultant with financial and IT technical knowledge, you accept the challenge to turn each financial department into a well-oiled machine.

How we do that?

Step 1: Intake

You start with an elaborate conversation; an analysis. You discuss the short and long-term needs of the company and compare those to the company’s current strategy.

Step 2: Objective

Je brengt eventuele bezorgdheden in kaart en definieert concrete doelstellingen.

Step 3: Analysis

You analyse the working methods and systems of the finance department.

Step 4: Strategy

You compare the financial processes and objectives. That way, you determine the informational needs of all stakeholders and you make the right strategic choices.

Step 5: Evaluation

You answer questions such as: What is going great? Where can we do better? What are the next steps?

Numlix consultants

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Ine heeft een ruime ervaring in rekrutering en staffing van financiële en commerciële professionals en wordt door vele CFO's en CEO's erkend om haar transparante werking en open communicatie.

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