Looking for more knowledge & expertise?

Do you – as a financial – want to keep expanding your knowledge on people, technical and/or IT skills?

Then you can count on our open training sessions for financials & our tailor-made coaching tracks.

Those who do not innovate, will easily stagnate. That is why we organise training sessions & coaching tracks for finance professionals. That way, you can fully develop your knowledge, both on a technical as on a soft skills level.

Apart from that, we also offer tailor-made coaching sessions:

  • Training sessions to guide the non-financial colleagues withih your company or department through the world of finance.
  • The possibility to get a VAT-training focused on a specific sector.
  • Soft skills, such as communication. You can easily make analyses, but to which extend are you able to communicate your message to the business?
  • Specific training tracks to keep up when you grow into a new function with new responsibilities.

Our next trainings


Leer tijdens deze opleiding Data Cleaning in Excel werken met tabellen (uitbreiden en controleren), Power Query en werken in het data Model.


In deze training krijg je een grondig inzicht in de wereld van ESG op een interactieve en praktijkgerichte manier.