Intern at Ufinity

If you choose Ufinity, you will end up in a strongly growing company where entrepreneurship and teamwork are central. We have only one goal in mind: to bring and keep the financial departments of medium-sized and large companies in top shape.

How do we do that? By…

  • matching the right financial with the right company: as a permanent employee at the client’s office or as a temporary consultant for a certain period of time;
  • providing the necessary training & coaching;
  • implementing process optimisations, whether or not in combination with the right (and objective) software selection.

The world of finance is, of course, based on figures. Our aim is to go beyond that. Mindset, personality & motivation will always be decisive, rather than pure numbers, scores and results. We believe that when we work together, and each in his or her own strengths, the result follows automatically.

One thing is for sure: the perfect match exists and that might be you!