Processes and systems

Processes and systems

At Ufinity, we provide you with the perfect solution to shape your financial department into a well-oiled machine. Together, we reflect on the way your people cooperate. We use the insights we get on your teams and processes to help you optimise workflows and systems.

How do we work?

Step 1: Intake

We start with an elaborate conversation in which we discuss your short-term and long-term needs. We'll test those needs against your current strategy.

Step 2: Goals

After that, we'll map any potential concerns and start defining concrete objectives. 

Step 3: Analysis 

Thirdly, we analyse your financial department's methods and systems.

Step 4: Strategy 

We start off by comparing the financial processes and the goals. That way, we determine the information needs all stakeholders carry with them and we make strategic choices.

Step 5: Evaluate 

Depending on the result of this course, there's the possibility of continuing by: 

  • implementing the right financial systems; 
  • temporarily supporting our teams through interim management; 
  • recruiting and selecting new financial talent based on the team's new prospects;
  • training and coaching the financial department. 

As a part of the Cronos Group, the largest ICT group in Belgium, we are able to position ourselves in a unique way when it comes to implementing financial systems. Our technical consultants all have a financial background. Thanks to them, the sum of finance, IT and business is always correct.