Recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection

Looking for temporary financial reinforcement in your organisation? In need of permanent extra power? You can count on Ufinity's expertise.

Our experience in the business makes us an excellent partner in matching companies and candidates. In each of the following domains we can be a plus for your organisation: 



- Accounting 

- Auditing 

- Controlling & analysis 

- Treasury 

- Reporting 

- Tax & Fiscality

- Business controlling 

- Business analysis 

- ERP-implementation (functional) 

- E-invoicing 

- Project and process management

How do we work?

We use a pragmatic approach which follows a three-step model: analysis - search - interview. That way, we can match the right professionals with the right businesses, resulting in the best possible success for all parties.

Step 1: We analyse 

We start with a comprehensive analysis of the profile you need. We draft the job specifications and compare supply and demand for similar profiles on the market.

Step 2: We search 

In a second phase, we start our search for the right financial expert. We use our own network and browse through numerous job boards. We also keep our finger on the pulse of relevant social media. 

Step 3: We interview 

As soon as we have our eye on someone, we invite him or her for an in-depth interview in which we make a clean job of evaluating his/her skills and competences.  

What career are you looking for? 

The world of finance is full of confusing functions and titles. That's why, as a finance professional, your options in the sector aren't always all that clear. 

We have drafted up a list of financial job specifications that will give you a helpful overview of what the world of finance has to offer. 

Take a look at the possibilities on our wiki!