Training and coaching

Training and coaching

The financial world is a world in transition. Whether you're a business or a financial expert, it is paramount that you stay ahead of your competition. That's why you need to constantly sharpen your competences and refine your skills.

If you do not innovate, you will come to a standstill. That is something we understand very well at Ufinity. It is the very reason we organise our courses, trainings and coaching sessions: so that every professional in the finance business can develop his talent and blossom.

At Ufinity, we offer you different formulas for financial education, ranging from open financial training and practical-oriented case studies to customised financial training.

Tailored trainings

At Ufinity we also offer training courses that are tailored to your organisation's and your department's needs.

In order to develop the right training, we have to have a clear view of your company's needs. Does your financial team need in-depth VAT-training? Or do you want to give the non-financial profiles in your organisation an introductory class to finance? We'll be glad to enrich them.

Tailored coaching

Our coaching sessions are targeted at employees taking on a new role or new responsibilities in your organisation. Using a concrete, thorough and pragmatic coaching approach, our coaches lift your people to a higher level at breakneck speed.

This way, financial professionals can optimally develop their newly acquired talents and skills. Our coaching sessions allow them to specialise in a particular subject and help them achieve both personal and business goals.

Each coaching session is different and is customised to suit the coachee.