Ufinity = the financial partner you can count on

Ufinity = the financial partner you can count on

Looking for a reliable partner in finance? We are the perfect match.
Our expertise and many years' experience will persuade you in no time.

About the company

Your Financial Department in Top Form

At Ufinity, we feel honour-bound to turn your financial departments and teams into a dynamic success. We analyse and optimise processes and systems. We support and advise your financial department from A to Z, and transform it into a well-oiled machine. Together with you, we proactively consider the most efficient applications and we make sure your team is in its best shape possible - at any given time.

The Right Financial Expert in the Right Place

We don't distinguish between temporary projects and permanent reinforcement. What you are looking for is the same. You're looking for the perfect match: the right financial expert in the right place. When it comes to what matters most - your human capital - you don't have to compromise.

Choosing Ufinity means choosing a thorough knowledge of the financial market. Not only do we keep a finger on the pulse of what goes on in the financial world, we also keep track of who the major players are. We bring you into contact with the most talented candidates in our vast network. By giving you all the support and guidance you need, we help you come to a dynamic and flexible solution. The perfect match? You can count on it.

Keep your financial career in great shape

Entrepreneurship: that's the foundation Ufinity is built on. It's also the basis of the Cronos Group we're a part of. Joining forces with us means working with a passionate team. A team that has the zeal to match you, and any other financial professional, with the right business. Win-win, wouldn't you say?

The world of finance is innovating at a breath-taking pace. In training and coaching financial professionals, we help them refine their competences and improve their skills.

Who are we?

Commitment, flexibility and transparency: our team of professionals has it all. Plus, we are not afraid to go one step further. We take commissions very personally. No unnecessary talks or boring meetings. We aim for a specific, well-founded approach with a focus on the right solution.

The team

Ine Meeussen

Ine Meeussen


Ine has extensive experience in recruiting and staffing financial and commercial professionals and is praised by many CFOs and CEOs for her transparent work ethic and open communication style. At Ufinity she has returned to her first love: finance! People are Ine’s core focus. Her vision is clear: making Ufinity the reference point for Interim ManagementRecruitment & Selection and Finance Project Management through its high-quality and personal approach, knowledge and skills, and close-knit team spirit.

Stefanie Bosmans

Stefanie Bosmans


Stefanie’s heart lies with the Financial Professionals. Matching the right candidate with the right job is what she does best. Stefanie always strives to achieve long-term relationships, both with candidates and clients. She communicates openly and clearly. Thanks to her extensive recruitment experience, Stefanie, like no other, knows how to apply the right interview techniques to get the most out of each personal meeting. In short, Stefanie delivers the missing link for every job opportunity.

Kristof Vandenhende

Kristof Vandenhende

Business Manager

Kristof has a strong financial network, with a clear focus on business development. He always succeeds in providing our clients with a custom solution. Detecting the sore points, analysing the needs and providing an effective, fitting solution are key to Kristof. In short? What you can expect from Kristof, is the following: a sympathetic ear, an extensive expertise, a long-term vision and a no-nonsense approach.

Hanne Oostvogels

Hanne Oostvogels

Marketing & Communication

As of a few months ago, Hanne takes care of Ufinity's communication. She only recently graduated, but the lack of experience does not hold her back from learning each and every day and being committed to go for it. She always takes a deep dive into things and will not release until she reaches her goal. Team spirit and openness are important to her, preferably combined with a no-nonsense approach. And last but not least, she is a real believer in the sharing-is-caring-principle!

Janiek Weijen

Janiek Weijen


Een project als credit analyst, als treasury analyst, als credit controller of als finance coordinator… name it, and she’s done it. Evy deed haar ervaring in finance voornamelijk op als project consultant. Zo kwam ze in aanraking met tal van omgevingen, financiële functies én mensen. Haar netwerk breidde uit, haar ervaring groeide en zo ook haar honger naar iets nieuws. Waar finance centraal stond staan nu finance én mensen centraal! Met de nodige portie enthousiasme vormt ze de ideale tandem met Stefanie.

Company Values

Great Match

You don’t have to compromise on what matters most to you – your human capital. You're looking for a great match: the right financial expert in the right place. We are too.

Reduced Complexity

Because we are part of the Cronos Group, the largest ICT group in Belgium, we are able to reduce complexity. When it comes to implementing financial systems, we are very unique. Thanks to our functional and financial consultants, the sum of finance, IT and business is always correct.

Shared responsibility

Choosing us means choosing a partner you can count on. As your partner in finance, it's our responsibility to make sure that your financial department is in the best shape possible.

Working together

Staying ahead of your competition, innovating and reinventing yourself all the time are just a couple of your financial challenges. By working together, we can help you overcome your challenges. As one, we can create a dynamic success.

Increased efficiency

We use the insights we get on your financial team(s), processes and tools to help you increase efficiency.

Perfect solution

Sudden lack of knowledge or resources? Are you looking for a long-term solution to bridge the gap? We give you all the support and guidance you need with the perfect solution as a result.