Business Process Analyst

Business Process Analyst

A Business Process Analyst Finance’s range of tasks

Even though the Business Process Analyst Finance is not part of the financial department, he or she is the pre-eminent partner for this team. He or she…

  • keeps a close eye on the existing systems and processes while optimising them;
  • combines a proactive and conceptual mind-set with a good insight into the business;
  • both engages in a dialogue and share their thoughts with the internal client;
  • succeeds in sharpening concrete needs and realising optimised complete solutions;
  • bears in mind the impact on the actual situation and possible dependency on other ongoing initiatives;
  • monitors the evolutions in the market so that the can inform and inspire internal clients.

A Business Process Analyst Finance’s profile

  • At least 3 years of experience as a Business Process Analyst;
  • knowledge of O2C, Thesaurie, P2P, GL and AA.
  • experience with process engagement and cross-functional services;
  • flexible, result-oriented and immune to stress.

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