CFO - strategic partner

CFO - strategic partner

A CFO’s range of tasks

The CFO or Chief Financial Officer is head of the financial department. He or she…

  • is part of the management committee and reports directly to the president;
  • shapes the organisation’s policy;
  • is responsible for the development and optimisation of the entire financial department;
  • works in an efficient, qualitative and service-oriented way;
  • develops future scenarios;
  • realises strategic projects;
  • optimises services;
  • makes business processes more efficient.

The CFO does not only excel in vision and decisiveness, but also maintains constructive relationships with the internal and external stakeholders. The CFO’s leadership qualities inspire and turn the financial department into a permanently solid team, across the different parts of the organisation. He or she…

  • bridges the gap between an organisation’s activities and their financial implications;
  • keeps the organisation in financial health;
  • is a result-oriented manager with a dynamic and positive mind-set;
  • cares about responsibility and diplomacy;
  • is self-assured in defining the outlines.

A CFO’s profile

  • Master’s degree in finance;
  • result-oriented manager with leadership experience;
  • decisive and diplomatic;
  • clear communicator;
  • positive mind-set.

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