About ufinity

On January 18, 2010, Ine founded Ufinity with only one goal envisaged: getting each finance department up and running and keeping it thay way. And that is exactly what happened. We already provided hundreds of financials with a new job and work with a about fifty finance consultants on project. Our customers are medium-sized and large companies in different sectors, distributed over Flanders & Brussels.

Our specialisation? Accounting, controlling, analysis & business analysis, tax & treasury, on four different levels (junior, medior, senior, C-level). We help the CFO with the most complex questions when it comes to HR and financial processes.

Team ufinity

Ufinity offers the same services as many other financial service providers. We do, though, differentiate ourselves from the others by some typical characteristics. Ufinity is not only your plus in finance, but also…

Team ufinity

… your plus in taking challenges

We are a small, but growing team with strong personalities. Each one of us knows why we are in for it & we go for it all together. The bigger the challenge, the higher our motivation.

... your plus in WYSIWYG

What you see is what you get” and yes, you are allowed to take that litterally. We celebrate successes, mark working points in bold and put mistakes on the table. We make sure everything is openly & honestly negotiable. Authenticity is key at Ufinity, even though when that means bad news is coming.

... your plus in commitment

We all have the same goal, for which each of us feels responsible and of which each of us wants to be part. What is that common goal? We want to be the perfect match for each company when it comes to the finance team, training & coaching and process optimisations.

... your plus in pleasure

We work hard at ufinity, but luckily, we pick our moments to laugh even harder. We regularly pop a bottle and we stay to have a chat after hours. As it should be, indeed, because that way we only get stronger as a team.

Ine heeft een ruime ervaring in rekrutering en staffing van financiële en commerciële professionals en wordt door vele CFO's en CEO's erkend om haar transparante werking en open communicatie.

Leer mij kennen

Hanne is onze creatieve duizendpoot. Out-of-the box gaan voelt niet als een opdracht, integendeel, er in blijven daarentegen is een stuk moeilijker. En als er nu iemand is die écht gelooft dat sharing caring is, dan is zij het wel.

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Een gedreven Talent Sourcer met het hart op de juiste plaats. Dat is Liesel. Zichzelf zou ze omschrijven als: stressbestendig, zelfstandig en betrouwbaar met steeds een glimlach op het gezicht. Wij kunnen dit bij Ufinity alleen maar bevestigen!

Leer mij kennen

Leer mij kennen


Onze nieuwe collega

P.S. Do you want to become part of this team? That is great news! We are still looking for colleagues, such as a Recruiter , a Talent Sourcer & a Business Manager. Let’s count together?


Talent Sourcer

Buisiness Manager

Did you know...

… Ine is also managing partner of our business unit &Robin?

April 1940. The world meets Robin, Batman’s young and enthusiast sidekick. September 2016. The world meets &Robin: the experienced sidekick of the entrepreneur, Batman, on a financial & strategic level.

&Robin is a financial & strategic sidekick voor SME & scale-ups that want to move forward. With finance-as-a-service we assist entrepreneurs with part time and temporary advice of a CFO, project manager or financial expert.

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Apart from that, we focus on companies that want to keep up with the evolution in digitalisation. We look for the right fit when it comes to tools & software, tailor-made for SME. The result? Time savings & valuable data generation.

Last but not least, we also work on acquisition and divestment. Our experts guide the entrepreneur from A to Z, throughout the entire acquisition, selling or divestment process.