For the permanent recruitment of accountants, controllers, auditors, analysts, teamleaders finance up to C-level, you can count on our strong network of finance professionals, our knowledge of the candidate market and our recruitment process from start to finish!

Your finance team deserves the strongest finance professionals. Therefore, we need insight in the needs and competences of your finance team. We can obtain that insight by an in-depth screening of the situation as is through an intake, from which we obtain the information that is necessary to really be able to find the perfect match.

Over the last years, the labour market has evolved into a candidate market. The network of finance professionals has gained an enormous value. At Ufinity, we have access to that valuable network, built over the last ten years, combined with new search techniques that find their way to the market.


An exclusive search

“Customers will never love the company until the employees love it first”
(S. Sinek)


At the moment, we can find 20.234 vacancies in controlling & accounting in Flanders. And yours is one of them! Our vacancies can also be found on those different job boards, but with an exclusive search we go the extra mile.

More than a hype, the strength of employer branding cannot be denied. Apart from that, there is a strong difference between a company as a brand, compared to the finance department as a brand. Exclusivity can especially give the latter a strong face.

Interested candidates like to get an immediate insight in the company where the vacancy is active. And also: it lowers the barrier for latent job seekers to take the first step towards a job application.


  • We communicate with your company’s logo. That way, an applicant immediately knows which company it is about and he or she can start looking for extra information to feel whether there might be a match or not.
  • We communicate with names. The colleagues where the perfect match will be working with, will explicitly be named. That way, we make a personal & tangible story.
  • We give your vacancy full visibility on social media. We make use of your social media channels to communicate fully, wearing our company’s jacket. That will even be possible using a video.

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